Lord, guide me through this life

"She is clothed with strength and dignity and she can laugh without fear of the future." Proverbs 31:25

Catholic. 24. My life has been changed by Jesus, and I am doing my best to live my life according to His purpose. Through the struggles and blessings in life I find hope and encouragement in Gods unending love.

I love meeting new people, if you ever need prayers or just someone to talk to feel free to send me a message :)

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The most beautiful women in the world are not the supermodels. The most beautiful women in the world are the saints.

—Jackie Francois (via singhallelujahh)

I think the strongest prayer I’ve ever prayed is a single phrase I declared with complete honesty: God, I have no idea what you’re doing, but I trust you.

—Thought about my drive home last night. (via nonelikejesus)

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You want to know the meaning of life? This is your highest calling: You are called into the dynamic co-creation of the cosmos. This breath is your canvas and your brush. These are the raw materials for your art, for the life you are making. Nothing is off limits. Your backyard, your piano, your paintbrush, your conversation, Rwanda, New Orleans, Iraq, your marriage, your soul. You’re making a living with every step you take. So when you make a living, do not merely make money. Why settle for cash when joy is on the line? You feel a thrill when you dance, when you sing, when you finish your poem; even when you sweep the room you see order pressing back against the chaos. So when you create, never settle for making a living — at least not the way that the world might define that phrase. When you make a living, you are speaking a new world into existence. You are creating grace within the confines, you are co-signing God’s blank checks.

—Jon Foreman (via astrobeagle)

Don’t settle because you are afraid of being alone, or because you don’t believe you’re worth being loved. EVERY girl deserves a man of God. Start praying for him now. Start falling in love with the True Bridegroom, Jesus Christ, and someday Jesus will give you His best man—the best man for you.

Jackie Angel (via patientlywaiting4u)

(via patientlywaiting4u)

From the shore, the ocean is forever. It’s a beautiful, dangerous place. Music is tied to the sea, born from the struggle, looking for hope. Because hope belongs in the dark places.

—Jon Foreman, Switchfoot (via thelegendof-switchfoot)

I feel like the Christian tradition, it means a lot of things to different people. And when you say I’m a Christian, I’m a believer, I’m this or that, a lot of times it can mean, I voted for George Bush. … Where for me, I tend to identify a little bit more with the Christ that I read about that says he came for the captives, the broken, the homeless, the hungry, the hurting, the poor, the underprivileged, the outcasts, and the folks that feel like they’re sick and need a doctor. And so I can identify with that because I can identify with someone who’s broken more than with someone who’s got everything figured out. Because I don’t have everything figured out. …

I think that when it comes to judgment, Christ is really clear saying judge not lest ye be judged. Like I said, I’m on the journey myself. I don’t pretend to have some sort of theological degree or anything like that, but I feel like that’s strong enough for me to say, you know what, my job on this planet is not to judge, but to love. And I feel like Christ, he hung out with the tax collectors, the prostitutes of his time, and the outcasts — the people that the temple would refuse. And I wonder if people that the temple would refuse of his time, that there might be a correlation with who would the church refuse at this time. Those would probably be the people that Christ would be hanging out with - loving, having dinner with them, talking, that excites me, to think that that’s the kind of God that I serve. …

I’ve got a song in a side project of mine, it’s called “Fiction Family,” and it’s a song that says, “Put your God badge down and love someone.” I think that sometimes when people come to a form of faith, they feel that it’s their duty to put a “God badge” on and then begin to be deputized, playing God on the planet. And I think that’s a really dangerous thing to do. I feel like our role here on the planet, as humans, is to love. And to be representations of the love that we’ve received, the grace, the compassion that we’ve received. And I would love to see the church rise to that calling.

—Jon Foreman (via fyeahjonforeman)

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Young women fervently in love with Jesus Christ aren’t worried what other people think – their eyes are seeking only the applause of heaven. And, like Christ, they approach every circumstance in life with the knowledge that their heavenly Father is handling the situation – their role is not to manipulate or control. Their role is merely to yield themselves fully to Him. And they have found great joy in this abandoned life, so much so that they truly embrace singleness as a gift, rather than resenting it as a stigma.

—Leslie Ludy (via pepper-ish)